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Chiropractors- The Procedure Involved



Chiropractic treatment is a healthcare profession that is dedicated to non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The main focus of chiropractors is spinal manipulation and treating the surrounding structures. 


 A visit to a chiropractor is similar to a visit to any other healthcare provider but has some unique elements. Most certainly, you will notice that the office setup and intake procedures to be familiar, but you will be quick to note the unique appearance of the treatment tables. The tables are set in an elaborate manner to allow specific movement and positioning during the spinal adjustments procedures and hence assisting in the treatment.


The intake process for a chiropractic treatment is similar to that of any medical intake. You will likely be required to fill a health questionnaire and answer questions that will give information on your health history. You will be required to indicate the area where you are experiencing some discomfort by marking the area on an illustration of human body.


During examination, the Tempe Chiropractor will start by conducting a routine physical exam then proceed with a spine-focused exam with the primary focus being on the areas of discomfort. Most likely, the chiropractor will examine the whole of your spine. For instance, if you are complaining of a low back pain, he will most likely conduct a neck exam since adaptions resulting from subluxation or injury in one area can lead to secondary irritations on another area on the spine.


 Chiropractic physical exams includes a variety of examinations like the motion range, palpation, muscle strength comparisons, reflex testing, and orthopedic and neurological test with the primary focus being on the area of complaint.


Chiropractic Treatment Plan


Once the assessment has been concluded, the chiropractor will develop a plan of treatment that takes into consideration your general health, the extent of your irritation, the condition of your spine, and your goals. The goals of treatment differ with individuals. Some people will choose a simple relief for the pain while others will go for an ongoing care regimen to improve their general health.


Tempe Physio Therapy uses Adjustments as the central form of treatment. Chiropractic adjustment is a form of therapeutic manipulation that makes use of controlled force, direction, leverage, amplitude, as well as velocity directed at particular joints. Mostly, chiropractic adjustments are applied to the spine, but other joints like the ankle, wrist, and shoulder can be adjusted to improve their function or restore their structural alignment.


If you are being treated for a back or neck pain, most likely you will receive a series of adjustments at a regular interval. For people who cannot tolerate the manual adjustment, they can alternatively be treated using the mild or non-force treatment techniques.


In most instances, adjustments are accompanied by therapies that are non-manual  like application of ice or heat, rehabilitative exercises, counseling on diet, weight loss, electrical stimulation, nutritional supplements, and other lifestyle factors.